Monday, 21 June 2010

The genius of László

When one visits new places, he usually compares if the things are better or worse in this new place than at home, in a home city or country. It is very human and the target of comparison can be a new neighbour next door or a country on the other side of the world.

I had OSR-project´s meeting last week in Budapest. Besides the meeting I had the pleasure to visit Palace of Miracles (Csodák Palotája) as a guest of Egyed László, the leader and the man behind many exhibition objects of the Science centre. Of course I could not refrain from comparisons.

In every place there are things, that are worse than at home, and the opposite is also true. I do not want to mention exhibition objects, which in my opinion might not be equally good as the similar ones in Heureka. For two reasons; I do not want to be impolite to my hosts. Also the people of Heureka might become too proud, which is never a good state for a human.

But here are some objects, which Egyed László has planned. He is very proud of them and for good reasons.

1. Playing basket ball using Bernoulli principle.
I really liked this. You don’t need to know physics of the Bernoulli principle, but it helps you to get the ball into the basket. Egyed László himself shows how it goes. I think this exhibition object is learning by doing at the highest level.

2. Coriolis Effect 1 and Coriolis Effect 2
Nice way to understand, how things move under the Coriolis Effect. You choose, if you are on a solid set of coordinates or on a rotating set of coordinates. Movement looks very different depending on your set of coordinates. (The foot that now and then tries hopeless to kick belongs to me)

3. Machine as an artist 1 and Machine as an artist 2
Who has the copyright of the art? Is it the visitor, the machine or perhaps László?

4. Chaotic pendulum.
With wild movement, but safely behind glass.

So thank you László, for many pleasant experiences. I remember, that you promised me detailed instructions for every object, in case somebody is interested in building similar ones. They might be needed sooner than you believe.


  1. Vaikuttaa mielenkiintoiselta. Saisiko tämän myös suomeksi, kun kielitaito on jäänyt vähän heikoksi.

  2. Maassa maan tavalla ja maan kielellä. Tulee myös suomeksi, kunhan keritään. Englannin kielinen versio oli lähinnä EU-tarpeita varten.